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Český fousek

Český fousek

This animal is also known as the Korthals Griffon (in the United Kingdom) and the "Griffon d'arrêt à poil dur Korthals" in French-speaking locations. The Bohemian Wire-Haird Pointing Griffon is primarily used as a hunting dog and it is known for its intelligence, loyalty, massive amounts of energy and acute sense of smell. One of most defining characteristics of this breed is its thick and protective coat. This has served it well when retrieving fowl within thick and wet undergrowth. It is still a rare breed throughout Canada and North America.


This dog was originally developed by Eduard Karel Korthals in 1873. He was attempting to produce what he considered to be the most versatile hunting dog that was equally suited for aquatic conditions. There is still some conjecture in regards to the exact genetic ancestry of the Bohemian Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon. Some speculate that German pointers may have played a role while others claim that continental Spaniels are directly related. Indeed, the physical characteristics of both seem to be present in this breed.

Appearance and Competition Qualities

The Bohemian Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon exhibits the very same wiry coat which has come to define similar breeds. It is a medium-sized dog and is considered to be quite lively and animated when around those it is familiar with. Colours can range from steel grey to chestnut brown, white and orange and roan. It should be noted that there is a misconception that this animal does not shed. On the contrary, it only lightly sheds its hair. For those who have allergy problems, this should be taken into account.
This is a sprightly animal. It is rare that obesity will become an issue. While not overly muscular, the Bohemian Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon is nonetheless quite strong although its thick coat will serve to mask much of its lean mass.
For the purposes of competition, a black coat is generally not accepted (according to the standards of the American Kennel Club). Tan shades are likewise thought to be substandard although they are acceptable. Eye colour can be either brown or yellow. The nose must be brown in order to compete.

Health and Temperament

This dog is considered to be extremely healthy and can be expected to live between 10 and 14 years. This is partially due to a very selective breeding process. Therefore, instances of congenital conditions such as ocular issues or hip problems are notably less frequent when compared to certain other dogs.
As mentioned earlier, this animal is extremely intelligent and willful. Many owners claim that it never truly outgrows a puppy mentality. The dog is very friendly and loyal. It loves to play and should be provided with an active lifestyle. Another benefit is that while quite enthusiastic when in the field, Griffons have been known to slightly calm within the domestic environment. This feature enables them to be excellent lap dogs while they are equally adapted to handle children. Bohemian Griffons are social animals and have difficulty adjusting to kennel life.


As with any intelligent dog, training should begin at an early age. This will help to avoid bad habits from developing (which may be difficult to break). Due to their natural proclivity for the hunt, it should be stressed that part of this training must revolve around listening to commands such as "heel" and "stay". This animal loves to be presented with mental challenges and it will normally be quite easy to train. For those who are seeking an intelligent, friendly and extremely loyal animal, the Bohemian Wire-Haired Pointing Griffon could be an ideal option.